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Collecting the most important studies

Our goal with Landmark Trials is to have the most important studies that changed disease management cataloged and easily accessible to fellow medical trainees. We report essential information about each trial such as the patient population, the studied intervention, and the trial outcomes. Want to know if the patient you’re taking care of would have been included in (or excluded from) the SPRINT trial? You’ve come to the right place!

Khalid Jazieh

Founder, Co-Developer

Khalid is a graduate of Alfaisal University’s College of Medicine. He completed his Internal Medicine residency at the Cleveland Clinic and was Chief Resident of Quality and Safety at the Cleveland VA Medical Center. He is currently a Hematology-Oncology fellow at Mayo Clinic, MN.

Mohamad Rezek

Co-Developer, Scientific Contributor

Mohamed is a graduate of Alfaisal University’s College of Medicine, where he worked as a Teaching Assistant after graduating. He is currently a Family Medicine resident at Hamad Medical Corporation.

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