Acute Coronary Syndrome / Coronary Artery Disease:

Aspirin and heparin in acute unstable angina 

CURE trial: Clopidogrel + aspirin in NSTEMI

CLARITY-TIMI 28 trial: Clopidogrel + aspirin and fibrinolysis in STEMI

GUSTO trial: Thrombolysis for acute myocardial infarction

TRITON-TIMI 38 trial: Prasugrel vs clopidogrel in ACS

PLATO trial: Ticagrelor vs clopidogrel in ACS

DANAMI-2 trial: PCI vs fibrinolysis in MI

COMMIT trial: Beta-blockers in patients with MI

BASKET-PROVE trial: Drug-eluting coronary stents vs bare-metal stents

TIMI score study

TIMACS trial: Early vs delayed PCI in ACS

COURAGE trial: PCI vs medical therapy for stable CAD

SYNTAX trial: PCI vs CABG for severe CAD

FREEDOM trial: Multivessel CAD in diabetics

PROVE-IT TIMI 22 trial: Intensive vs moderate statins for CAD

HOPE trial: ACE-I effect on CV outcomes

PIONEER AF-PCI trial: Rivoraxaban and antiplatelet therapy for Afib + CAD

AUGUSTUS trial: Apixaban and antiplatelet therapy for Afib + CAD

AIM-HIGH trial: Niacin for HDL levels


DASH trial: Diet for hypertension

SHEP trial: Benefit of treating HTN to reduce stroke risk

ALLHAT trial: ACE-Is, CCBs, and thiazides for hypertension

ACCOMPLISH trial: Benazepril + amlodipine for hypertension

HYVET trial: Managing hypertension in the elderly

SPRINT trial: Intensive BP control

TOHP 1 trial: Non-pharmacological interventions for BP control

IDNT trial: ARBs for diabetic nephropathy

Heart Failure

CONSENSUS trial: ACE-Is for heart failure

MERIT-HF trial: Metoprolol for heart failure

COPERNICUS trial: Carvedilol for heart failure

 Val-HEFT trial: ARB for heart failure

 SAVE trial: ACE-Is for LV dysfunction

 RALES trial: Spironolactone for heart failure

 EMPHASIS-HF trial: Eplerenone for heart failure

 A-HeFT trial: Isosorbide dinitrate and hydralazine for heart failure

 DOSE trial: Diuretics for acute heart failure

 MADIT II trial: ICD for heart failure with reduced EF

 MADIT CRT trial: CRT-D for heart failure with reduced EF

 HEARTMATE II trial: LVAD for advanced HF

 PARADIGM-HF trial: Sacubitril-valsartan for CHF

EMPEROR Reduced trial: Empagliflozin in CHF

DAPA HF trial: Dapagliflozin in CHF


AFFIRM trial: Rate control vs rhythm control for Afib

SPAF III trial: Warfarin dosing for Afib

ARISTOTLE trial: Apixaban vs warfarin for Afib

ACUTE trial: TEE for Afib cardioversion

BRIDGE trial: Perioperative anticoagulation bridging for Afib

PIONEER AF-PCI trial: Rivaroxaban + DAPT for Afib + CAD

AUGUSTUS trial: Anticoagulation + DAPT for CAD

AFIRE trial: Rivaroxaban for Afib + stable CAD

Valvular diseases

PARTNER A trial – TAVR in high-risk patients

PARTNER 3 trial – TAVR in low-risk patients

COAPT trial – Transcatheter mitral valve repair

EASE trial – Surgery for infective endocarditis

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